Footpath Towards Rooting Manor From Church

Registered Pecuniary Interests of Councillors

Click anywhere within this text to link to the Register of Interests held by Ashford Borough Council’s Monitoring Officer.

Click on the individual’s name then on the link to ‘Register of Interests’. Any queries on the accuracy of the record, or the implications of registered interests, may be directed to Ashford Borough Council.

‘Pecuniary Interests’ are defined in law as major factors in an individual’s financial status. The Localism Act 2011 requires them to be registered in advance of any Parish Council decisions. The system seeks to avoid conflicts of interest. If they do arise, the Parish Council’s own Code of Conduct governs the appropriate procedure.

Click anywhere within this text to access the Little Chart Parish Council Code of Conduct.

Highways Improvement Plan Committee

Three volunteers came forward in June 2021 to help advise the Full Council on the Highways Schemes currently under discussion with Kent County Council Highways.

Committee meetings are held in public.