Our Role

Little Chart Parish Council has a role within the Planning system supporting Ashford Borough Council (ABC).

ABC is ‘The Planning Authority’ for the whole of the Borough, within which Little Chart is located. This means that ABC Officers and Councillors actually make decisions on Planning matters.

What do we do?

Little Chart Parish Council receives notifications of various applications, which can include Tree Work Applications, Listed Building Consent Applications and others, as well as the more familiar Full Planning Applications. Its role is to formulate a collective response to applications, and occasionally to add local knowledge for the consideration of the decision-makers.

If possible within the deadlines, Little Chart Parish Council considers live applications at its bi-monthly meetings. These are meetings-in-public. The Council can decide to ‘support’, ‘object’ or ‘comment’ and the minuted decision is entered on to the Planning Portal form, usually the following day.

What you can do

Individual members of the public are free to comment on any planning matters in the same way, and the comments are published before the decision is made.The process requires that comments be taken into consideration, although they may not be the basis of the final decision.

The Internet link is shown below – please use it to access the Planning system directly:

  • to find live applications anywhere within the Borough;
  • to look at historical information within the system;
  • to make comments as appropriate;
  • to check for conditions attached to permissions which have been granted;
  • to use the Interactive Map and find Conservation Areas, Tree Protection Orders, etc;