Muga June2014

Multiuse Games Area

Little Chart Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) has been made possible thanks to grants from Sport England and Ashford Borough Council, supported by funds received from our Borough Councillors, donations from local residents and village fundraising activities.

The MUGA (photograph courtesy C. Byles) is designed to be used for sports such as football, basketball and tennis. The tennis net is left up most of the time as it is too awkward to be moved regularly, although it can be removed from the court if needed for games of football or basketball.

Conditions of Use

In order to preserve the quality of the playing surface users are requested to:

  • Use the path rather than climbing up the grass bank.
  • Check shoes are clean and free from stones or mud before entering the court.
  • Not to smoke or chew gum on the court.
  • Not to take pets, bicycles, roller skates, skateboards or sharp objects such as glass onto the court.
  • The court should be left in the same condition as it is found, if there are any problems with the court, please inform:

Caroline Byles 01233 840122 / Email: markbyles616@btinternet.com or a member of the Parish Council as soon as possible.

Availability and Bookings

(Subject to Government restrictions during the COVID pandemic)

The court is available for open access during daylight hours providing there are no advertised bookings.

Open access users need to share the court and if someone else wishes to use the court they need to agree to either:

1) Finish their game/match and then swap over.

2) Share the court; or

3) Play a joint game.

We appreciate that this means that it is not possible to arrange a formal lesson or rely on a having an hour for a match or regular practice session. In order to overcome this problem and also generate some income to cover maintenance costs it has been agreed that a few regular bookings will be taken from Little Chart residents (and other local people as agreed with the Parish Council).


The days and times of any bookings will be advertised in advance and will be limited to mornings only between the hours of 9 am and 12 noon. If you wish to make a regular booking for a fixed hour each week, please complete and return a MUGA Booking Form (new form in preparation 2021).

There are currently two regular bookings:

Saturdays 9am to 10am – Harris Hall family

Sundays 9am to 10am – Byles family

Regular bookings are normally charged at £150 for the year, for a fixed one hour slot each week; and are limited to one booking per household/group.

In the event of a ball entering the electricity station please DO NOT attempt to retrieve it. A member of staff from UK Power networks will arrange for balls to be returned to the court at regular intervals.

The facility is not supervised and users of the court do so at their own risk. Little Chart Parish Council accepts no liability for any accident or injury incurred in the use of the facility.