How what3words can help 999 #KnowExactlyWhere

what3words is now used by 80% emergency services in the UK and has helped to locate nearly 4,000 incidents since it first started being used.

Their system has given every 3m square in the world a unique identifier made of 3 words – making the location of any emergency or incident very easy to describe and share.  For example


will take you to a precise location on Ben Nevis where, in February 2020, a group of hikers were rescued.

To report an incident using what3words:

1. Download the free what3words app
2. When you are at the location of the incident open the app and tap the arrow icon for current location
3. Share with us, the 3 words displayed at the top of the screen
4. You can also use the photo icon to take a picture of the incident and it will automatically add its what3words address.

Make sure you have it downloaded on your phone and know how to use it, to help you have it to hand if you should come across an incident.

Make sure you download the free app in advance to be prepared.

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