Headlines from the Vehicle Speed Survey

  • Little Chart Parish Council arranged for the surveys to be done.
  • Monday 1st July to Sunday 7th July 2019. 24-hour monitoring.
  • Traffic monitored coming into the 30mph zone and out of it into ‘national speed limit zone’.
  • Three monitoring points, two on Swan Lane, one in The Street.
  • Traffic goes along Swan Lane in order to go to houses in the village, but also to travel between Hothfield and Pluckley.
  • Traffic goes along The Street in order to go to houses and commercial premises in the village, and possibly to travel between Charing and Hothfield.
  • There is no speed restriction on Swan Lane near Little Chart Forstal.
  • There have been accidents recorded throughout the ‘village envelope’, within the 30 mph speed limit zone.

Headline 1 – on average, almost HALF of the vehicles were over the 30 mph limit when monitored. Nearly HALF of these could have been prosecuted under Police guidelines, being over 35mph within the speed limit zone.

Headline 2  – Within the week, over 20,000 vehicle movement were monitored in Swan Lane. This equates to around 3000 a day on weekdays.

Headline 3 – 73 vehicles within the week were doing over 40 mph when entering the narrow confines of The Street from Charing direction.

To view the detailed Traffic Analysis Reports, please click on the files below:-

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